Nantucket Cottages

Destin, FL (Coastal Short-Term Rental Resort Development)

One of Odom’s first hospitality-geared projects, he embarked on this project early on in his development career in the 1990’s while enjoying much success bringing single-family developments to the coastal resort Crystal Beach Gulf side area of Destin, FL.  Partnering with his close friends and long-time associates at Abbott Realty, the Destin-area’s pioneering short-term rental management company, Odom acquired the site, financed, designed, planned, and constructed these 20 charming Nantucket Cottages (2 rental units per cottage), and worked closely with Abbott Realty on his first endeavor to market and manage a successful resort rental property.  This was, indeed, a great success for Odom, and this project heightened his desire to continue in hospitality developments.